The Simpsons' "steamed hams" gag as a Soviet-banned film

Over the years, I've seen many takes on the ol' "steamed hams" gag but this one really stood out to me. It reimagines the Simpsons' bit as an animated Russian cartoon ("Steamlyannaya Hamonika"), transcending the meme to something much loftier but yet still hilarious. It's the work of Canadian filmmaker Tyrone Deise who, last year, made an equally transcendent German Expressionist version of the gag. Both are below, along with the original.

"Steamed Hams but it was banned in the USSR" by Tyrone Deise

Even the description is brilliantly on-brand.

Steamlyannaya Hamonika (1968) depicts the isolation and brutalization of humans in modern bourgeois society. Although being broadly in line with other art-as-propaganda of the era, censors felt it could easily be read as a criticism of the party, leaving this subversive short as the only animated film to be banned in the Soviet Union.

The German Expressionist film version:

Steamed Hams but it's a German Expressionist Film by Tyrone Deise

A man's attempt to impress his employer with a home-cooked meal goes awry. Inspired by The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)

Here's the original Simpsons' clip for reference:

Steamed hams