Two men used toothbrush to tunnel out of prison only to be caught at a nearby IHOP the next morning

On Monday, John Garza, 37, and Arley Nemo, 43, pulled an "Escape from Alcatraz" and tunneled through their Virginia Beach jail cell wall using a makeshift digging tool fashioned from a toothbrush and piece of metal. According to the sheriff's office, they exploited a "construction design weakness" to make it out of the facility. After noticing that the men were on the lam, authorities shared mugshots with the public in hopes someone would spot them. And that's just what happened, just a few hours after they broke out. Apparently their great escape made them hungry for some pancakes.

"Hours later, people noticed the men at an IHOP in Hampton, a coastal city about 10 miles away," reports NPR.

"I'm thankful for the citizens who observed Garza and Nemo at the IHOP and notified law enforcement," Sheriff Gabe Morgan said.

(Thanks, Chanté McCormick!)

image: detail of "Escape from Alcatraz" movie poster