Watch high winds carry a couch past a high-rise apartment in San Francisco

In recent weeks California has been subject to a steady beat of blizzards, massive rain storms, howling winds, and mudslides. Yesterday blowing wind hurled a couch off the deck of one San Francisco skyscraper and blew it to the street below. The landing was not so great, but no one was reported as being injured.

Sheets of glass have also broken out of windows and caused a shelter-in-place warning in San Francisco's financial district.

SF Chron:

San Francisco Fire Department officials said they responded to 50 California St. following a report of a broken window on the 21st floor. 

Fire officials called the issue an "isolated incident with no injuries," and quickly cleared the scene, adding that they did not suspect the window cracked as a result of the high winds battering the Bay Area Tuesday. 

The incident comes one week after a shattered glass window fell to the street from a high-rise just a few blocks away, at 555 California St.