We're finally getting a second season of Sweet Tooth

The dominance of superhero films exists as the perfect example of the old saying, "familiarity breeds contempt." As the general public has grown more familiar with superheroes, there's been an increase in apathy from audiences and critics alike. As major studios like Marvel(post phase four) continue to churn out formulaic pabulum left and right, it isn't uncommon to hear people throw proverbial stones a comic book properties. 

Here's the thing, though: superheroes may be synonymous with comics, but they're not the only content the medium produces. That's why it's always exciting to see Hollywood focus on adapting other IPs based on comic books. Shows like The Walking Dead not only provide the comic's creator with buckets of cash, but it also shatters the preconceived notions of what a comic book property can produce. Another example is Netflix's Sweeth Tooth, based on the celebrated series by Jeff Lemire. In the trailer linked above, you can watch footage from Sweeth Tooth's hotly anticipated second season.