Five kids got lost (and then found) exploring New York City's sewer system

Five young boys embarked on an exploration of the Staten Island, New York sewer system on Tuesday but ended up lost in the tunnels. Fortunately, they had cell service and managed to call 911. It's a good thing they didn't encounter any mole people. From CNN:

The responding fire units located the children's backpacks at the entrance to the tunnel, which leads to the sewers under Clove Lakes Park[…]

Authorities determined that the children had crawled into the sewer system through the tunnel and had traveled up to a quarter of a mile further inside, Hodgens said.

FDNY Lt. John Drew said the tunnel had a 40-inch opening that later reduced to about 30 inches, making it difficult to navigate[…]

Firefighters found the children by opening one of the manhole covers above them, and the dispatcher urged the kids to raise their voices and call for help. Moments after this, the FDNY said, responding units located and rescued the children.

The children were fine but one firefighter suffered minor injuries moving through the tunnels.