Florida principal fired after parents of sixth graders complained Michelangelo's David statue is "pornographic"

Tallahassee Classical School principal Hope Carrasquilla was fired after parents complained that their sixth graders were "upset" after being shown "pornographic" art: Michalangelo's sculpture of "David," a 16th century Renaissance masterpiece. According to Carrasquilla, "Once in a while you get a parent who gets upset about Renaissance art" so the school usually sends a letter in advance of this particular art history lesson. This time though, the letter wasn't sent due to "a series of miscommunications."

From the Daily Beast:

Parents at Tallahassee Classic (a charter school) now want to take an advanced vote on any lesson their kids could be subjected to that's deemed "controversial," part of a growing nationwide trend to dictate education supported by Florida's own education board and the DeSantis administration[…]

Carrasquilla was given an ultimatum to either quit or be fired by school board president Barney Bishop, a self-proclaimed conservative Republican and lobbyist who said "parental rights are supreme."

(Thanks, Bob Pescovitz!)