Idaho Republicans block free tampons for public school students

An Idaho Democrat testified that 75% of girls in grade 8 or above had missed school or been late to class due to a lack of menstrual products being readily available, Republicans managed to find ways to cast a proposal to do good into a crazed nightmare nanny state where the government is usurping parents rights. Parents' right to not provide a tampon to a kid in school?

Republicans stop even the simplest things intended to help.

Daily Beast:

"Well, what about sweat?" she asked. "We can't help but sweat. So are the schools now going to be providing deodorant for these kids?"

Another female Republican, one-time basketball coach Rep. Barbara Ehardt, objected to the phraseology employed by some of those who voiced support for the bill. She cited in particular "menstrual equity" and "period poverty."

"These are woke terms," Ehardt said.

Hendrix immediately Googled the term "woke." From what she could tell, it had something to do with racial justice.

"Which is good for our world," she said.

But "woke" was not good for the bill. The final tally was a tie, 35 ayes and 35 nays. That meant HB 313 was dead.

"Heartbreaking," Hendrix said.

To make it worse, 10 women–all Republicans–had voted against it.

"It's so shocking because they know what it's like to go into the bathroom and not have a tampon," Hendrix said.