Jordan Klepper talks to the pathetic few who showed up for Trump

MAGA adherents were encouraged, by Trump, to publicly support Trump. It wasn't easy for Klepper to find any, but he did. Even the MAGAs were surprised to see how few of them are now showing up.

Maybe even the most dedicated are giving up, but Klepper still manages to find some moron who thinks Biden isn't President and maybe even isn't even in the White House.

Daily Beast:

Instead of a Jan. 6-esque mob, Klepper mostly found a lot of other camera crews and a very small handful of Trump fans, including one "proud" supporter who felt the need to fully conceal his face and another man in a cowboy hat who admitted that absolutely nothing was happening outside the district attorney's office.

"This was an unusual MAGA rally," Klepper says from experience. "The numbers were low and it was in my own city. However, the arguments over some basic facts were refreshingly familiar."

Image: YouTube/Screen Grab