The fake face coach behind Tucker Carlson's bizarre expressions

Are you ready for a behind-the-scenes peek into the fascinating world of Tucker Carlson's facial expressions? Sure, Fox News's golden boy and resident fabulist may not really have a face coach, but let's explore the hypothetical realm where such a person exists. Prepare yourself for The Daily Show's profile of Gavin Bancroft, the man who molds the mug of America's best-paid white nationalist.

Introducing the imaginary Gavin Bancroft, the artist behind Tucker's priceless expressions. Bancroft, a skilled face coach, works tirelessly to elicit reactions, including a "groom that pooped himself at the altar," "a scandalized baked potato," "a fancy prince who just saw peasant get kicked by a mule," "a casual little smile like you were walking to work and saw a Mexican family getting evicted," and "Frankenstein walking in on his parents having sex."

With a hefty paycheck of $400,000 a year, this man is dedicated to his craft.

Says Bancroft, "He's got all the attributes a face coach could want — a 40-pound skull, a natural mouth breather, the haircut of a drunk lacrosse dad. It's a face that's just made to tell old people that Abbott Elementary is critical race theory."