Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to hide their checkmarks to avoid shaming and mockery

In the land of the Tweetees, where the birdies tweet all day,
Lived Horsey McElon McMean, who had a cunning plan underway.
He built a wondrous contraption, the Blue Check-On Machine,
To give Tweetees checkmarks, by robbing them clean.

There were Tweetees of two kinds, with or without blue checks,
Those without felt ignored, like life's unfortunate wrecks.
Horsey McElon McMean saw an opportunity,
To make a fortune from Tweetees, by selling them exclusivity.

He charged $8 per check, a bargain they suspected,
Tweetees flocked and paid, eager to be respected.
The Blue Check-On Machine buzzed, beeped, and puffed,
As plain Tweetees walked in, and out they came, blue-checked and chuffed.

With a check upon their beak, they thought they'd join the elite,
But instead, they were mocked and shamed, and felt a crushing defeat.
For their checkmarks became symbols of their own vanity,
And those who purchased them were scorned by the Tweetee community.

Ashamed of their checkmarks, these Tweetees tried to hide,
They covered their beaks with flags, red X's, and MAGA pride.
But the unchecked Tweetees were many, and the word spread fast,
Their humiliation was public, and the ridicule would last.

Horsey McElon McMean, he laughed until he counted his loot,
The total of which made his planned profits moot.
"How can I trick folks into giving me more?
My Saudi owners are sure to soon knock at my door!"

A light bulb flashed bright in his new hairplugged skull,
"I know how to make Twitter's coffers grow full!"
He ordered his H-1B team to convene.
"In 48 hours make me a Check Hide Machine!"

The coders stopped sleeping and made it quite fast.
They built him a gadget to generate cash.
"Does Catturd approve?" asked McHorsey McMean.
"Without his consent I'll deploy no machine!"

Catturd was summoned, he let out a loud fart
With that, Horsey McElon was ready to start.
He unveiled his Check Hide Machine, for all to see,
"$8 only," he said, "to hide your checks, and be free!"

The Tweeties looked at the gadget with scorn and suspicion,
And Elon was treated with jeers and derision.
"Invisible check marks? It must be a joke!"
They kept their $8 and Twitter went broke.