Buy this filthy, destroyed jeans-and-jacket combo for a mere $5600

Here's another installment in my series, "Is this company punking us?" 

It won't surprise you that this post is about Balenciaga, the perma-troll fashion house that brought us this oversized purse crafted after a plastic garbage bag, for $1790, and these ratty high-top sneakers for $1850. If you already have those two lovely items, you'll also want this latest Balenciaga offering to complete your outfit: a pre-distressed jeans and jacket combo. Hypebeast describes the jacket, which retails for $3150:

The jacket is dirtier than the trousers, sporting a rear that's been slashed within an inch of its inanimate life. The pockets have also been cut, while two more can be found intact alongside seven Balenciaga-engraved flex buttons.

And the jeans, which retail for $2450:

They are cleaner but still completely destroyed. Holes on the front and deep rips on the back are just the start, as even Balenciaga's inlaid branding on the rear is given the messy treatment.

The Balenciaga website describes the jeans like this:

Super Destroyed Baggy Pants in black Japanese denim are from the look 1 of the Balenciaga's Summer 23 Collection.

• Japanese denim
• This item is unisex
• Large fit
• Mid-waist
• Covered button fly
• 5 belt loops
• 5 pockets
• Large rips at back
• Balenciaga inlaid patch at back
• Heavily destroyed and dirty effect
• Made in Japan
• Dry cleaning

If you prefer them in blue, Bergdorf Goodman's got you covered. Or, well, sort of covered, since half of the fabric is literally absent.

Somebody, please just make it stop. If you have that much money to waste, please just donate it to an animal shelter or food bank or something way more helpful in this world. I'm literally begging you.

So, is this company punking us? I'm absolutely, completely, totally convinced that the answer is a resounding YES.