Police struck by crabs in protestor-related incident

From The Daily Mail:

Demonstrators are said to have thrown crabs at police following a week of violent clashes over France's reforms to the national pension age.

A stand-off over maritime regulations in Rennes saw protesters clutching spider crabs during altercations with the authorities.

The Daily Mail is, of course, a British tabloid. Over here in the States, we take a different, more freedom-oriented approach to the English language. And in our way, we would probably structure the syntax more like this:

Police officers were reportedly struck by projectile crustaceans in a protestor-related incident. Local authorities described body cam footage of the public gathering, which was in violation of a curfew instated by the police approximately one minute before the first arrests were made. "After having reviewed all of the evidence available, we can confidently say that it appears that one of the protestors may have allegedly been carrying what appears to be a spider crab, which is commonly known to be utilized as a projectile weapon by the superstitious and cowardly lot known as 'criminals,'" said a Police Spokesperson who will not be named in order to protect the innocent.

Here is the only publicly-available source from the claim that multiple protestors threw multiple crabs at multiple police officers, as the headline suggests:

There you have it, folks. Irrefutable proof of mass assault with deadly crustaceans. What do you mean it's literally just one photo of a guy with a crab? Are you suggesting the police just made up being hit in the face by an onslaught of flying crabs?!

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