Ron DeSantis couldn't be prouder of his wife for still being pretty after cancer

Yeah yeah, Ron DeSantis thinks it's great that his wife, Casey, was able to give birth to a child and beat cancer, but what really makes him proud is how pretty she is.

"She's really the whole package. And there's a picture that I have, 2019 inauguration and 2023 sitting at the desk, same pose — she's prettier in 2023 than she was in 2019!" the Florida governor told Piers Morgan.

"She had a kid, she went through four years of this nonsense and she beat breast cancer. How do you end up being prettier after four years of that!?"

Hey Ron, here's some free advice: don't veer from the script your handlers give you. It's not a pretty look.

Front page thumbnail image: Boing Boing / Midjourney