Rudy Giuliani tells his listeners they're better off uneducated (audio)

"I love the poorly educated," Donald Trump said in 2016 after polls showed that most of his support came from people who did not attend college. And so does Rudy Giuliani, or so he says on his Common (non)Sense podcast, desperately hoping to charm that same faction of Trump's MAGA base.

"This whole thing about uneducated people? Maybe they're smarter because they haven't been brainwashed by the Marxists," the cum laude graduate of NYU Law said. (Listen to audio below, posted by Patriot Takes.)

"You might be better off if you're uneducated. You might have a better ability to have common sense," he said, erroneously blaming his own very poor judgment in joining the GQP circus on his education rather than his greed for power.