A list of 'every horrible bill proposed by DeSantis's Florida GOP this year'

Here's a helpful compilation of "every horrible bill proposed by DeSantis's Florida GOP this year." It's infuriating to read, but it's important that we are informed of the awful things happening down in Florida (and all over the country, really). The list (which is subtitled: "Homophobes, racists, billionaires, and white nationalists rejoice?") was put together by Thomas Kennedy, who describes himself: "I live in Miami, infamously known as a sunny place for shady people. I write about the corruption and the grift stemming from our political class and how a better world is possible." Kennedy provides an overview of the awful legislation:

The Florida Legislature, a body controlled by Republicans for over two decades, has ceased to function as an independent body and instead serves as a rubber stamp for Ron DeSantis. The result of this one party rule now completely steered by the whims of a single right wing fanatic is a slew of unhinged fascist legislation that targets vulnerable communities, diminishes our freedoms and serves special interest groups at the expense of working people.

The barrage of bills filed by Florida Republicans is hard to believe so I will list them below, one by one, to illustrate just how extreme these proposals truly are. 

He also explains that the point of sharing this news isn't to depress us, but, rather, to spur us all into action:

If you are pissed off after reading this and want to participate in some sort of peaceful demonstration in the Florida State capitol, the Department of Management Services, which oversees state facilities, is now requiring at the behest of the DeSantis administration that events held in the Capitol "align" with its mission. Meaning that if you want to hold an event in the Capitol critical of DeSantis and Florida GOP policies, good luck with that. It's fascism folks, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

So, read 'em and weep—and then go fight against them! And for more of Thomas Kennedy's work, go check out his Substack for his "thoughts and efforts to track the corruption, attacks on free speech, and crumbling economic equity in the sunshine state and beyond."