Awesome image of a butterfly tongue magnified 50x

This awesome image from @publicdomainrev on Instagram shows a butterfly's tongue (scientifically known as a proboscis) magnified 50x. The image was created in 1909 by Arthour E Smith. I love the way that the proboscis loops around so many times, and looks like a tiny snout at the very end. The butterfly's proboscis can be thought of as a long, tube-like moth that can suck liquid up. Fun fact: most of butterflies' taste buds are located on their feet.

From instagram:

"A butterfly's tongue magnified to a factor of 50. One of a series of stunning photomicrographs created by Arthur E Smith and featured in the book Nature through Microscope and Camera (190 c9) by Richard Kerr. See more highlights from its pages on our site — visit link in bio and tap image.⁠"