Expressive, hand-painted animation about a moth's life cycle

MOTH is an animation by Allison Schulnik that uses a gouache-on-paper technique to tell the story of a Moth's life cycle. Moths tend to get a bad rap, but as illustrated in this film, they can be just as lovely as butterflies. I was captivated by the vibrant, moving patterns that emerge on the moth's wings once it comes out of its cocoon. The imagery in MOTH has an expressive, hand-made quality that I love seeing in animation. 

From vimeo:

MOTH is a traditionally animated, hand painted, gouache-on-paper film. It is animated mostly straight-ahead, with frames painted on paper almost daily for 14 months. The film seeded and bloomed from a moth hitting my studio window and continues as a wandering through the emotions of birth, motherhood, body, nature, metamorphosis and dance.