The history of Disneyland's ToonTown

Hey Brickey! is one of my favorite local Disneyland YouTubers, his stuff is always excellent and this history of ToonTown is top-notch. Disney just relaunched the new and revamped ToonTown, but as I am not going to ride the new Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway until a friend comes to town next month, I didn't even bother checking the new ToonTown out on a recent visit.

The last time I can remember having fun in ToonTown was sometime in the late 1990s. Having eaten exactly the right amount of mushrooms I was incredibly entertained by a Jolly Trolly's driver whose job had become protecting evaporative "misters." Disney had installed the misters to cool the cement oven that ye olde ToonTown became during the Anaheim summer, and people liked to touch them. Touch them a lot. Touch them enough that Disney got rid of the misters and let people bake! But for a time a ridiculously dressed man was standing there saying "Little girl, please don't pull the mister!" and "Sir! Do not pull the mister!"

Endless laughter.

Image: YouTube/Screen Grab