Birthplace of pizza puts the kibosh on Domino's

In 2015, Domino's tried to take a bite of the pizza market in pizza's birthplace. They attempted to introduce Italy to US-style pizza with toppings like pineapple and barbecue chicken and hoped to open more than 800 outlets across the country. It didn't quite happen. Last week, the company's franchise partner in Italy—ePizza—entered liquidation as ordered by a Milan judge. From Bloomberg:

The last of Domino's 29 Italian branches closed last summer[…]

The pandemic… hobbled ePizza. COVID-related lockdowns deprived the company of 35% of its revenue from 2020, as did rising competition. Once largely bricks-and-mortar focused, Italian pizzerias ramped up their home delivery offerings through third-party services such as Deliveroo or Glovo, hurting demand for Domino's pies.

(via Pluralistic)