Fox News blames side door for today's school shooting, rather than guns (video)

Fox "News" played stupid again, with one of its reporters spotting a "common pattern" she noticed after today's deadly school shooting at a Nashville elementary school that left seven people dead. No, the common pattern wasn't that every killer happened to be toting a deadly weapon. It's that the schools all have side doors.

"From what I understand, a side door was unlocked — that seems to be a common pattern in many of these shooting," the Fox detective declared. "If we can lock the side doors, and make sure the schools are secure, hopefully we can avoid these tragedies going forward." (See video, posted by Acyn.)

Because, according to NRA puppet Senator Ted Cruz, er, I mean Fox logic, if a school's side door is locked, the shooter will undoubtedly just shrug, turn around, and go home.

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