Gentleman tries to fill stolen car with stolen goods from Target, but nope

A man in Washington State walked out of a Target wheeling a cart full of stolen goods. He was on a roll, as it was the second Target he had stolen from in one day. But when he approached his stolen car, he noticed a cop milling around. That wasn't a good sign for the gentleman, who had a felony arrest warrant, so naturally, he ran. And naturally, he was caught.

From KIRO7:

A Lacey Police officer found a stolen car in the parking lot of the Target store. While she was outside with the car, another officer went inside the store to get surveillance video.

Meanwhile, a man inside the store walked out with a shopping cart full of stolen merchandise, according to Lacey Police. When he saw the officer waiting at the stolen car, he ran away but was eventually taken into custody.

Police said the man refused to give his name or any information but told officers that he had just taken fentanyl. He was taken to the hospital, where he identified himself. Police then discovered the suspect is from Federal Way and had a felony arrest warrant for possession of a stolen vehicle.

The man was also on electronic home monitoring but had cut off his ankle monitor, Lacey Police said in a Facebook post.

The man in now in jail, charged with felony theft, while his spoils — worth more than $2,000 — were returned to Target. Better luck next time.