Makita announces battery-powered microwave oven

Toolmaker Makita has long-offered a drip coffee maker as part of its battery-powered worksite lineup, and now it offers a battery-powered microwave oven too. The 8.8 kg (19.4lbs) device comes in the rugged plastic company look, in Makita teal, and you get between 8 minutes and 1:22 hours of 500W heating depending on the battery pack used. That's about half the power of a standard modern home microwave. Makita suggests that in addition to the workplace, one may use it for "in-car dining."


Given Makita's growth in the outdoor recreational space, I would anticipate the microwave also being marketed for camping, tailgating, and other such activities.

The microwave features a folding top handle, and an optional carrying strap loops through slots in the handle for an additional carrying option.

Makita cautions that the microwave cannot be used for storage or to carry things; it's not a tool box.

Love! I want my entire kitchen sat at this uncanny intersection of things, replete with rugged teal plastic cabinet doors. Rugged teal plastic toaster. Rugged teal plastic Pacojet. At the very least Makita should be putting out a cookbook already.