This $154 lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone can help you learn up to 24 languages

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With a minimum of 350 languages spoken in the US, America has become one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world. For younger generations, learning a foreign language can be a common requirement to graduate high school and even higher education. If you're looking to refresh those language skills you developed all those years ago (don't worry, we won't expose how old you really are), then Rosetta Stone's got your back.

For the most immersive language-learning experience, Rosetta Stone can have you reading, writing, and speaking a new language like a natural in no time. Even better, a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone is now only $153.97 (reg. $299) with code SPRING15. You'll have to act fast, though, as this deal only lasts through April 3.

Trusted for almost three decades as one of the most prominent language-learning tools by organizations like NASA and TripAdvisor, Rosetta Stone offers lessons with plenty of other language-learning features. You can learn up to 24 languages (but only one at a time), which include French, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, and much more.

Designed for all types of people—the always-on-the-go, the study abroad student, and the curious learner—each language is broken down into three courses with 6-7 units per course paired with bite-sized activities to get you proficient in any language you choose at any time. Rosetta Stone even boasts TruAccent, the world's best speech recognition technology that can help you perfect the accent of your chosen language.

Learning a new language can open up incredible opportunities if you're ever traveling abroad, and could potentially open doors in your professional and academic career. Connect more deeply with other cultures and customs while adding an impressive skill to your resume to impress future employers.

Ready to start learning a new language (or 24) in a more intuitive way? Grab a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone now for just $153.97 (reg. $299). This deal ends April 3 at 11:59pm Pacific.

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