Trump tries and fails to turn a crowd against DeSantis

The crowd was largely silent Saturday in Waco at Trump's rally as the Orange blowhard railed against his opponent-apparent Ron DeSantis. Having failed to find a resonant nickname for DeSantis, stuff like DeSanctimonious and Rhonda Santis have not stuck, this time the noted liar offered a very made-up sounding story about how DeSantis begged him for help.

Trump also claims DeSantis hasn't done much for Florida, but he's set it on a path that reminds those of us in free states of Nazi Germany. That is likely Trump's problem: Orange Julius hasn't delivered on any hate since his dinner with Nazis and Kanye, while DeSantis is destroying an education system, and attacking marginalized people left and right.


"So, he came, and he really wanted [my endorsement]. I said, 'You can't win, can you? How do you – can [you] win?'" Trump said, recalling the alleged conversation with DeSantis. "'Sir, if you endorse me, I'll win. Please, please, sir, endorse me,'" Trump continued as he acted out a crying, begging voice.

The former president also argued that Florida was in great shape well before DeSantis took office.

"Remember one thing: Florida has been tremendously successful for many years, long before this guy became governor," Trump said. "Florida was tremendously successful under Rick Scott … whether you like him or not, Charlie Crist was very successful, he was a Republican at the time. But Florida has been successful for decades, in fact, probably as or more successful than it is now."