Ubisoft joins Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo in pulling out of E3 trade show

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo – the Big Three of gaming as far as anyone is concerned – all separately decided to opt out of this year's E3 conference not too long ago. "Okay," you may say to yourself, "it's not that bad – slightly less colossal titans like Ubisoft will still show up, right?" Unfortunately, Ubisoft has gone back on its pledge to attend, deciding to "move in a different direction." Instead, it's going to be putting on its own Ubisoft Forward showcase in June, fracturing E3's usual roster even further. With the only major company officially announced for E3 this year now pulling out, the future of the conference is uncertain – it may just be that E3 is on a slow, unavoidable decline, gradually being killed by the rising popularity of streaming and corporate territoriality.