Amateur gold digger finds $160,000 nugget

An amateur gold prospector in Victoria, Australia found a rock containing nearly six 6 pounds of gold in it. Valued at $160,000, the gold digger—who hasn't been identified—used a Minelab Equinox 800 gold detector that sells for around $800. When the man found the rock, he brought it to the Lucky Strike Gold prospecting shop to be valued. From CNN:

The man who found the rock initially only took half of it to be valued and asked [Lucky Strike Gold proprietor Darren] Kamp if there could be 10,000 AUD ($6,675) worth of gold in it.

The rock was very dirty so the spotter, who does not want to be named, could not see the gold on the outside of it, and he cracked it into two because he thought there would be a gold nugget inside, said Kamp.

Once it was cleaned up, "you could see the gold just come oozing out of the rock everywhere," he said.