The Demodex mites living on your face have anuses after all

Demodex mites live at the warm, greasy bases of your hair follicles. A family on every eyelash. They're implicated in rosacea and other skin conditions, but are extremely difficult to kill despite their tiny size. Antibiotics and tea tree oil are among the overbearing weapons required to tame the crowd. And scientists recently proved they have anuses, from whence they may shit on you.

The hindgut has been reduced to a finger-like, minute tube that opens to the outside at approximately one-third of the posterior terminus (Desch et al. 1970) (fig. 6DF). There have been several reports that Demodex does not have an anus, and when Demodex dies, the accumulated waste spills into the pores of the skin and leads to inflammation; this is not correct (Lacey et al. 2011, 2016; Cossins 2016; Moran et al. 2017; Pormann et al. 2021).

Image: Kalcutta / Shutterstock