MyPillow's master of meltdowns delivers an incoherent tirade from behind the wheel of his car

MyPillow owner Mike Lindell's recent diatribe delivered from the mobile command center of his car paints a picture of a disheveled, disoriented man grasping at straws, or rather, cash from MAGA victims who still haven't hit their credit limit donating to Trump.

Never one to take responsibility for his own missteps, Lindell blames everyone from box stores to voting machine companies for his brand's decline. Lindell's uncanny ability to play the victim is matched only by his talent for spinning mind-bogglingly stupid conspiracy theories.

Lindell hopes his financial woes will be ameliorated by persuading Trump cultists to shell out $25 for unattractive all-season slippers, suitable for breaching the Capitol in a freezing blizzard, a torrential thunderstorm, or a sweltering heatwave. Who wouldn't want to proudly goose-step in footwear sold by a gentleman who has become the poster child for conspiracy-fueled meltdowns?

Here's Lindell's well-crafted sales pitch:

…and we're still doing… we still have some of those all-season slippers left at $25 a pair to thank all of you out there for the great, uh… for supporting us, supporting us through all this. My employees… we've lost all our box stores, our shopping channels. We get attacked every single day and MyPillow should not have to be attacked when they're protecting companies out there that we've never heard the names of before, which I don't need to name… all the voting machine companies…

In Lindell's febrile mind, there's no connection between his promotion of unfounded conspiracy theories and the loss of support from mainstream retailers and shoppers. Much like other staunch MAGA supporters, he employs tactics such as false equivalences, evasion of responsibility, and dependence on groundless assertions to build his argument. Unremarkably, his approach resonates with his uniquely brilliant audience.