Thieving doggo tries to keep his stolen plunder by boxing his human friend (video)

The adorable golden retriever who tried but failed to hide a waffle in his mouth last month has leveled up, better now at concealing his stash — his latest heist being a scrunchie. And when his astute human finally caught on, he didn't give in this time, trying out some new boxing moves to defend his loot. (See video below, posted by @madsullivan5550.)

But even for the most seasoned of thieves, using a mouth to hide a hair accessory can be too dangerous of a maneuver for any human to let slide, and in the end, after quite a match, the loot was returned begrudgingly (aka by force) to its rightful owner. Better luck next time, doggo!


The scrunchie theif… Sully's learning how to throw hands now #goldenretriever #goldenretrieverlife #scrunchiestealer

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