Trump channels Don Corleone in video questioning DeSantis's loyalty

A satirical video produced by the Republican Accountability Project has set an interview between former President Donald Trump and Fox News' Sean Hannity to the iconic theme music of The Godfather. The parody pokes fun at Trump's demand for loyalty, comparing him with loyalty obsessed Don Corleone.

In the interview, Trump recounts how a "desperate" Ron DeSantis, now Florida Governor, approached him for an endorsement. Trump claims DeSantis had tears in his eyes as he pleaded for support to boost his chances of winning. Trump obliged, but later felt betrayed when DeSantis refused to dismiss the possibility of running against him in the future.

Ever-faithful Hannity's comment on loyalty's importance is met with Trump's agreement, underlining his dissatisfaction with DeSantis' perceived disloyalty.