Florida charter school principal fired over baffling participation in fake Elon Musk scam

It is unclear why anyone would think that a billionaire "invests in" a charter school or that a charter school would have to invest in the billionaire's projects first. Apparently, a Florida charter school principal was told she was being scammed but refused to believe it. Perhaps the fake Elon Musk was very charming and had a lot of charisma, which is also a good sign it was fake. Regardless, the principal wrote fake Elon a sizeable check.

The principal resigned, and the check was stopped.


"I love this school more than anything else. If it means your administration is going to stay, I'm turning in my resignation," principal Jan McGee said.

McGee has been the principal of Burns Science and Technology in Oak Hill since it opened in 2011. The school, with just under 1,000 students, is A-rated and has a huge waiting list.

McGee claims she was scammed online by a fake Elon Musk after spending months talking to this person in hopes of getting the space pioneer to invest millions in the school in exchange for a $100,000 upfront investment.

The school's business manager got wind of what happened and canceled the check before it was cashed, but at a sometimes chaotic and packed school board meeting Tuesday night, other school administrators say McGee was repeatedly warned it was a scam and laid out other issues they say led to a toxic work environment.