Iron Chef Dad, Susur Lee, transforms cheap mass produced food into culinary delights

"Iron Chef Dad," aka Susur Lee, can make ANYTHING gourmet. If you don't already know him, here's a quick bio, courtesy of The Canadian Encyclopedia:

Susur Lee, chef, restaurateur (born 1 January 1958 in Hong Kong). Susur Lee is a celebrated pioneer of modern Chinese cuisine and "fusion" cooking. He has received the prestigious CAA Five Diamond Award in Cannes, France, and was named one of the "ten chefs of the millennium" by Toronto-based Food & Wine magazine.

He's also a social media star. He runs a YouTube channel called "Iron Chef Dad" and he's also popular on TikTok, where his son Jet shares videos of his dad's culinary alchemy. Here's Susur turning Taco Bell into a gourmet meal, and here he is working his magic on a frozen TV dinner. I've never seen cheap mass produced food transformed into something that looks so beautiful and delicious!


turning a TV Dinner 📺 🍽️ gourmet. #tvdinner

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