Ironically the "Last of Us: Part 1" for PC release has been plagued

Seems the long-anticipated PC release for Last of Us: Part 1 doesn't work very well. This is pretty funny because, as Redditors have reminded us, the game plays great on a PlayStation 3.

While halfway through watching the fantastic television series, I thought I wanted to play the game. Having seen how the show ends, however, I was already past that idea. I did not want to spend $50 to baseball bat zombies in another game, for a story I knew. Seeing all the technical issues folks are having, I am glad I decided to struggle with the next Star Wars: Jedi game.

Rock Paper Shotgun:

"The single worst PC port I have ever seen," reads one review. "Waited 10 years for the game, avoiding any and all walkthrough videos, reviews, spoilers and etc. and this disgusting excuse of a port ruined every single ounce of excitement I had for the game."

"Crash counter: 12," reads another by a player with four and a half hours of playtime.

Several players in the Steam reviews and in the The Last Of Us Reddit community are reporting issues with shaders specifically, with the game taking a long time to build them at launch and crashing during the process.

Anyone played this game?
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