QAnon influencer's "royal decree" backfires, leaving follower homeless

QAnon is known for attracting very stable geniuses into its fold, so this case is quite the head-scratcher. Romana Didulo, the self-declared Queen of Canada and popular QAnon influencer, issued a royal decree last year making utilities and mortgages null and void. One of her followers, a woman that Vice calls "Bonnie," took the Queen's advice and stopped paying her bills. To her dismay and surprise, she was evicted.

According to Vice, after the police forcibly removed Bonnie from her home, she found herself in her car with her pets and daughter, desperately posting in a Telegram chatroom dedicated to the QAnon Queen of Canada. Bonnie pleaded for help, writing, "They don't care. They threw us out with no clothes, no food, nothing at all. The cats, birds, and my daughter are in the vehicle. My other daughter is at school. Please, we need your help! Please, Queen! They just removed me from our home. We have no place to go."

"Her queen, in return, has done nothing," reports Vice. Shocking!