Sometimes the best food comes from gas stations

There's no shortage of delicious food in Louisiana, but it never hurts to get recommendations for new places to try. I'm not sure how it works in other states, but in Louisiana, you can get amazing grub everywhere from fancy restaurants to convenience stores. This list focuses on the latter. asked its readers to recommend favorite "convenience store, food mart or gas station to grab a bite." Click through to see the top 10, and if you're ever near New Orleans, make sure you stop at some of these places and check them out yourself. And if you have other recommendations, drop them in the boards!

Here are a few from the list that caught my eye, for my next trip home:

7. Hanks Seafood & Supermarket, 2634 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans: "Hanks on st. claude in the bywater! like brother's but that hanks sauce will revive your soul!" @00_nikki_00 said.

8. North Broad Seafood, 1901 N. Broad St., New Orleans: "Da Blue Store aka North Broad Seafood 🦞," @blancolocophotagraphy said.

10. Fast Stop, 3220 Jefferson Highway, New Orleans: "FastStop on Jefferson hwy🔥🔥 I said what I said argue with ya maw," @queskqup. "Chicken sandwich on bun dressed or the crispy wing plate with fries." 

And if you're nowhere near New Orleans but want to see what other states have to offer, Mashable put together this compilation of the best gas station foods from across the United States:

If you're looking to fill up your tank and your tummy, your friendly neighborhood gas station might seem like a convenient, if not totally appetizing option. However, there's a lot more to these roadside pit stops than stacks of Slim Jims and curiously hard Snickers bars. Of course, it's perfectly possible to find good gas station grub in the convenience aisles. Still, there are also unassuming gas stations all over the country that are kicking things up six or seven notches with gourmet-worthy food that makes them a destination all in and of themselves.