The Simpsons predicted the Florida "David" debacle

The Simpsons did it again. Back in 1990, in Season 2, Episode 9 ("Itchy & Scratchy & Marge") the show—which is often lauded for its uncanny ability to predict the future—foreshadowed the current uproar over Michelangelo's David statue. Last week, a sixth-grade teacher at Tallahassee Classical School showed the statue to their art history class. Parents got upset because the statue is nude, equating David's nudity to "pornographic material," and the principal was forced to resign. 

In the similar Simpsons episode, as TwentyTwoWords explains: "Marge begins protesting violence and nudity in cartoons, but eventually becomes a champion for ending censorship." 

You can watch Marge defending David here, in a clip uploaded to YouTube by Craig Eager, with the description: "In an interview with Kent Brockman, Marge believes that David's statue should be seen by all the people of Springfield and Dr. Marvin Monroe capitalizes on this hypocrisy."

If only the Florida debacle were just a cartoon. What's next, Florida?