Want to avoid data breaches and spam emails? Get a year-long subscription to Incogni, now only $77

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If there's anything you should be hyper-aware of when you'reĀ browsing the internet, it's that your personal data and info, whether that's your not-so-secure passwords, date of birth, address, or even your place of work, are all widely available with a just a skillful Google search. You're probably not so thrilled with this reminder, but luckily, there's an incredible solution to help you take charge of your online security.

We're not about to suggest that you hire some private eye on Craigslist, at least not in this economy. However, you can easily fix up your digital footprint and save yourself from real data vulnerabilities with a one-year subscription to Incogni. This subscription makes it easy to care for your personal information and assets, and can provide you with online protection. Even better, it's now on sale for only $77 (reg. $155), which is the best price you'll find online.

While it's true that companies are sneakily collecting and even selling your personal info without you having a single clue, other actors are also at play. In the process of selling your personal data, internet creeps, scammers, insurance companies, banks, businesses, the government, and even complete strangers could also be accessing your info. But with Incogni, you could prevent this from happening.

With Incogni, you can exercise your right to make data brokers delete your personal information. Incogni can remove your data from a list of over 180 brokers while also searching for new brokers that may be jonesing for your info with invasive shadow profiles, phishing, and even identity theft. Before you know it, you'll notice a decrease in annoying spam and telemarketing calls, as well as emails that tell you your passwords appeared in a data breach. This subscription empowers you to take back your privacy and data easily. Incogni sure sounds worth it to us. 

Highly rated on Trustpilot for its personal data removal capabilities, Incogni has also received plenty of rave reviews. Cloudwords aptly wrote, "Incogni helps you sidestep the tedious, lengthy and largely ineffective manual process of finding the data brokers and sending data removal requests." 

Start prioritizing your online security and grab a one-year subscription to the Incogni Personal Information Removal Service now for just $77 (reg. $155).

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