Cup Noodles enters the lucrative "Wake and Bake" market

Cup Noodles, a long-time favorite food of the sodium depleted and the seriously stoned, has created a breakfast option. Probably also loaded with salt, these cups have visible bits of sausage, eggs, and pancakes. Artificial maple syrup flavor is also added, which is never a good thing, even if you are baked.

Wake and bake, baby!


"This idea was about how you bring all of those great breakfast cravings into a cup," she told CNN. The company's research discovered that eggs, sausage and pancakes were the picks to create the best breakfast combination.

Nissin moving into breakfast isn't a "great leap" for the company, said Neil Saunders, an analyst at GlobalData Retail.

"The wacky mix of ingredients is on brand for Cup Noodle, which often fuses traditional noodles with local flavors that it thinks will be appealing to consumers," he told CNN. Also, American eaters may be "turned off" from traditional ramen flavors, but "will be more interested in sweet flavors they associate with traditional breakfasts."

"Cup Noodles Breakfast" goes on sale for $1.18 beginning Wednesday at select Walmart stores and on the retailer's website.