Deepfake-assisted Keanu Reeves impersonator makes waves on YouTube

It seems like AI is getting more powerful – and more terrifying – with every passing day. It feels like only yesterday that MidJourney couldn't spit out anything more coherent than a psychedelic nightmare, but now entirely synthetic images of the Pope wearing a puffer jacket are wowing the world. While the potential for harm that comes with this technology cannot be overstated, some, at least, are using our newfound cyberpunk dystopia for good. Take YouTuber Unreal Keanu Reeves, for instance, who uses AI-assisted deepfakes to deliver comedic twists on everyone's favorite luscious-locked, motorcycle-loving action star.

It's good to know that we'll at least have this to laugh about while Elon paywalls our beloved memories of our parents – if our Neuralinks don't just melt our brains first. Good times!