Dire Straits playing "Sultans of Swing" in 1978 days before its release (video)

Here's video of Dire Straits on the BBC playing their first single "Sultans of Swing" in 1978 just days before the song's release and their rocket launched. This performance feels like you're watching old friends playing in their weekend pub band—a really fucking killer pub band, unlike the group that inspired the song. From Rolling Stone:

The song was written after frontman Mark Knopfler hit up a Deptford pub around close and watched the Dixie cover band try to entertain the few drunks still there. "When the guys said, 'Thank you very much, you know, we are the Sultans of Swing,' there was something really funny about it to me because Sultans, they absolutely weren't," Knopfler said. "You know they were rather tired little blokes in pullovers."