E3 is dead. Now what?

Hot off the heels of news that E3 2023's last remaining big names had pulled out, the inevitable has happened. The 2023 Electronic Entertainment Expo has officially been cancelled, which likely spells the end for E3 as a whole. Most are citing E3's reluctance to adapt to an increasingly digital gaming sphere, especially in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, as the main reason – an opinion shared by The Game Awards mastermind Geoff Keighley, who of course jumped on the opportunity to plug his Summer Game Fest.

We can dissect E3's worldly remains for as long as we like – personally, I think it was up to corporations simply not wanting to have to compete for time or space, hence why everyone has their own digital showcases now – but what's undeniable is that it was an industry staple that had far-reaching influence on developers and audiences alike. Centralized conferences seem to be falling out of favor at all levels of the industry, meaning that Keighley's attempt at it may very well end the same way. A friendship with Hideo Kojima, after all, can only get one so far.