George Santos comes out of the woodwork to lie again — this time about OnlyFans (video)

Serial liar George Santos seems to have been "lying" low over the last month or two after the high-profile conman was exposed for his endless whoppers. But as soon as he opens his mouth for an interview, this time on Fox Business, he is at it again.

Asked about OnlyFans, he pretends not to have been aware of the site known for content created by sex workers. "I'll indulge you this: I only just discovered what OnlyFans was about three weeks ago when it was brought up in a discussion in my office," he claims.

"What do you think?" the host asks about the site.

"I was oblivious to the whole concept," Santos answers with a hearty laugh, to which the host mutters with mock laughter, "Ah, you just can't tell the truth."

And the host is proven right, predictably, with footage easily unearthed by Patriot Takes, that takes us back to 2020 when the New York Congressliar was tickled with his own joke that AOC had an OnlyFans page. (See the now-and-before video below.)

Front page thumbnail image: Congress portrait of George "Anthony Devolder" Santos