Ontario cop convicted of drug trafficking and raping an unconscious woman still has his $120k-a-year job and has been on paid leave for 8 years

Ontario Provincial Police constable Jason Redmond filmed himself raping an unconscious woman and tried to justify it by saying it was to illustrate the dangers of alcohol. He's to be sentenced in April.

Redmond told her about what he'd done – that he had sex with her while she was passed out, that he knew she wasn't aware of it, and that he had recorded it on his phone. He tried to show her the video to prove how intoxicated she had been, she testified in trial, but she was embarrassed that she couldn't remember it, pushed his hand away, and went about her day as normal. As time went on, the existence of the video eventually became known to many people in Redmond's inner circle, including several people who took the stand.Over the course of the two-day trial, the court heard from several Crown witnesses, all of whom testified Redmond told them he had sex with the victim while unconscious, and made a video to "teach her a lesson," a court transcript reads.

The Ontario Provinicial Police "did not inform the public of the charge", writes The Brantford Expositor, which adds that Redmond has been "on paid leave from the provincial police service since 2015 after being involved in a local drug trafficking operation"

I guess he got bored during his eight years of paid leave on a $121,000 annual salary. Even now, the force has not fired him.

Redmond pleaded guilty to a pot-trafficking charge and was found guilty of forging documents in 2018, but was not given jail time for his crimes. He has remained on paid leave from the force ever since. On Wednesday morning, an OPP spokesperson confirmed that despite his several convictions, Redmond is still employed.

"I can confirm that Jason Redmond's employment with the OPP remains the same at this time. He is still on paid leave," Acting Sergeant Erin Cranton said in an email.