$44B to become the most followed Twitter user and owner of a failing business

Billions of dollars in debt, advertisers fleeing, revenue dropping, and each new paradigm-shifting 4D chess move of a new product a laughable and unthought-out result of impulsive management, one number is moving in the right direction for Elon Musk: he somehow has more Twitter followers than anyone else.

Number two is President Obama, who bought none of his followers.


Musk, who is also the platform's owner and chief executive, became the most followed account on Thursday evening when he reached approximately 133.05 million followers, passing former President Barack Obama, who has about 133.04 million followers.

Justin Bieber is the third most-followed account with 113.31 million followers. The platform's most popular accounts include Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Cristiano Ronaldo, Donald J. Trump, and Lady Gaga.

I find it entertaining that the folks at Fox portray Musk's growing number of followers as something he is earning, as if we haven't heard enough stories about how he's insisted the engineers sabotage the algorithms in his favor:

Musk's ascension to the most-followed account can be attributed to how often he tweets — usually several times daily — compared to Obama who tweets several times across a given week and Bieber whose last tweet was in December. It also comes months after he purchased Twitter for $44 billion in October 2022.