Confused MAGA man struggles with his own logic when asked about Trump indictment (video)

A law-and-order MAGA man struggled to answer a simple question about Donald Trump and accountability.

The question was straightforward. "If Trump did do this, should be held accountable?" the Good Liars' Davram Stiefler asked about the Stormy Daniels scandal at a sparse indictment protest earlier this month.

"It's too vague of a statement," the stable genius replied. "I believe in the law and equal justice for all. What I think you're referring to is that his lawyer gave her some money to not say anything."

"So that he could win the election," Stiefler made clear.

It took some awkward moments of contemplation before the gentleman uttered, "Yeah," and then, at odds with his own logic, the panicked Trump loyalist changed his answer to, "Or…"

(See video below, posted by The Good Liars.)

Front page thumbnail image: The Good Liars