Eric Trump complains that New York is wasting time prosecuting his dad instead of arresting Tylenol thieves

It's always heartwarming to see the Trump family sticking together when one of them is facing criminal charges. Eric Trump, the epitome of a privileged, clueless heir, went on TV last night to express his confusion and dismay at the fact that his dad is being prosecuted by New York's criminal justice system. In a recent Fox News interview, Eric lamented that the state's law enforcement officials should focus their energy on apprehending real criminals such as those who steal a bottle of Tylenol.

"This is a city I spend a lot of time in, New York, that is falling apart," he said. "I went into literally CVS the other day, and you can't buy Tylenol because it's locked behind these glass counters, because there's so much theft and there's so much looting, there's so much homelessness and crime, but yet their attention is going after Donald Trump." It's almost admirable how Eric manages to pack so much ignorance, entitlement, and stupidity into a single sentence.

But we can sympathize with his plight. It's not easy being born into a life of luxury, where the rules have never applied to his family and accountability is only for the little people, and then suddenly having to deal with the stress of your dad being investigated for financial fraud.