Indie rock supergroup boygenius's first album is out, with a music video directed by Kristen Stewart

After five years of anticipation, the indie rock supergroup known as boygenius has finally released their first full-length album. The trio, comprised of acclaimed singer-songwriters Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Daucus, wrote and recorded a fantastic three song EP over a few days back in 2018, and left the world waiting for more. And god damn, was it worth the wait — the new album is awesome.

To mark the occasion, the band also released a 15-minute short film, directed by actress Kristen Stewart (who has previously directed videos for Sage + and the Saints and Chvrches, and has a full-length film coming out as well). The short film is essentially three interconnected music videos for three songs from the album, weaved together as a moody and provocative home video collage of sorts. It's as moody, atmospheric, and scintillatingly beautiful as the songs themselves. Check it out above!