Samantha Bee talks about the cancellation of "Full Frontal"

Oh, do I miss Samantha Bee's Full Frontal! In a nation where the truth about our society can only be discussed if someone is making a joke, Samantha Bee's show laid it all out. Bee took to 'The Last Laught' podcast to discuss the cancellation, her concern for the Full Frontal team, and the assholes who celebrated the cancellation.

Daily Beast:

As Full Frontal executive producer Allana Harkin tweeted at the time, "When someone like Ted Cruz is celebrating the cancellation of the tv show you worked on….you know you've done your job."

But even if she was prepared to shrug off her critics, Bee says she "worried about everybody else because they're not seasoned, cynical, professional battle-axes."

"They haven't taken as many kicks to the crotch as I have," she adds. "I bounce back from that shit."