Samantha Copley turns her dogs into terrific actors in these dog skits

I love the "dog skit" genre—where dogs cleverly "act out" scenarios—and the Instagram account "Layla the Boxer" is about as good as it gets! The site is run by Samantha Copley and features her two dogs: Layla the Boxer, and Luna, an Australian shepherd mix. 

The videos are so well done—Copley is a terrific director and her dogs are so well trained. She also uses music that perfectly fits with the dramas unfolding. Here's a great one, called "When mom leaves the dogs take her credit card and buy themselves toys," which features the Hall & Oates song, "You make my dreams come true." And here's one called "Layla rescuing her sister from the hair brushing," which is set to the perfect tune—Bonnie Tyler's "Holding out for a hero." And here's a hilarious scene called "Fry stealer," which features "Under Pressure," by Queen and David Bowie. Finally, here's my favorite—"When your sister has surgery," featuring "Come on Eileen" by Dexy's Midnight Runners. Watch until the end if you want a laugh.

What's also really cool is that Copley also features "behind the scenes" videos along with the dog skit content, showing how she achieves such spectacular end products. Here's the behind the scenes for the "Fry Stealer" video. It's clear that Copley puts a ton of time and energy into these videos—it's really quite amazing. As user SlateRiverFinlander commented, "I love these behind the scenes videos. It's absolutely fascinating. I see that sewing and costume design are now a part of your skill set?! In addition to writing screenplays, directing, acting and producing? Not to mention dog training….Your talents are impressive! 🙌"