Take a look at this teaser trailer for the new Dungeons & Dragons movie in the style of the 80s cartoon

You know, even though the new Dungeons & Dragons movie looks like a soulless cash grab in the vein of the Marvel cinematic universe(and, more specifically, Guardians of the Galaxy), the film is garnering some quality reviews. What's even more surprising than the rapturous praise the movie has earned from critics is that it's only the second film dedicated to the D&D franchise to be released in theaters. With an intellectual property as intricately woven into the cultural fabric as Dungeons & Dragons, you'd think that D&D would have earned four different trilogies by now. 

Prior to the 2000s Dungeons & Dragons movie, the most notable entry into the franchise's catalog was the 1980s cartoon series. In the video linked above, the team behind the new Dungeons & Dragons film created a fun teaser trailer in the classic series style. Since the original cartoon essentially ended on a cliffhanger, this is probably the closest we'll get to a sequel series.